Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Executive Summary 

The aim of the project was to upgrade the SCADA on site by adding distinct features to the current one using Carel specialised software, PlantVisorPro2 for refrigeration plant control, monitoring and maintenance purposes. The process will include a list of Carel’s instruments used in industry for communication of data from all the components within the plant over distances to ensure that it is recieved without distorting the information.


1.3.1 Sub-Problem

Collect and do an analysis of the information previously reported on in 2015 as with regards to Carel’s PlantVisorPro in connection with monitoring, control and maintenance of the plant. This must include a thorough investigation on way to make the Carel more accessible and to improve on the current features. Furthermore the investigation should look at how the PlantVisor can be used to show the instrumentation used in the refrigeration plant and add some animation of these instruments. The  SCADA should show the instrument when they trip and be able to communicate this as well as show the rooms when on defrost.

1.3.2 Hypothesis
The data obtained showed that is possible to add these changes to the current SCADA using Carel’s PlantVisorPro. The instruments that are very important were evaluated as to how best we can add them to the SCADA and to best monitor and control them remotely. Some of these features can be found on the Carel’s application as it made in such a way that its use is mostly for refrigeration, air conditioning and humidification systems this information can be found on the Carel Control site.

Refrigeration is not a very common industry especially when talking of control and maintenance systems of such plants, the market offers little to nothing on such systems. Carrel is the only company that seems to offer such system this has limitations when faced with the idea of choosing because the range to choose from is small. There are not many alternatives for better refrigeration plant monitoring. Another setback again is the choice on which cables and controls that can withstand extremely low temperatures on site. Time again is always a factor too cause projects must be timed and resources (budgets) are limited to dates proposed for project completion. The completion required commitment, hard work, dedication and sacrifice from the team.

The importance of this project is to get familiar with maintenance control programs and in the process gain some skills of project handling in industry. Gain hands-on experience of Carrel Controls’ controls and software’s used to help these fast growing industries in their maintenance and limit the challenges this industry faces through technology. It serves as a tool to manage company resources and work on time frame without under spending or overspending.

The dissertation has three chapters and is mainly about to compatibility of Carrel’s PlantVisorPro with regards to animated plant system which can serve for monitoring and controlling. Chapter two looks at the feasibility of answering whether the PlantVisorPro meet the needs of a client. Also the chapter focuses on the instruments used in refrigeration plants and in the end look at the features the PlantVisorPro has. Chapter three concludes from the created project.


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