Phases of a strugling student at the university

Fisher’s transition curve

I chose this model due to the fact that it describes the path I have walked in the past three years. This model gives a flash-back of how I achieved my matric and it differentiates between the life I was living and the life I am currently living. Previously I did not have that bigger picture toward my career. Currently I am self-motivated therefore I am looking forward towards achieving my goals. In three years’ time I want to obtain my national diploma in Electrical Engineering.


Happiness is feeling of showing pleasure or satisfaction. In 2010 I was excited for the fact that I was doing my matric. I thought it was the end of the marathon only to found out it was the beginning. The fact that I was doing my final year it pleased me in such a way that I lost focus on my studies. I developed the mentality about work, due to that fact I did not perform well on my matric in failed English.


Depression is the stage of feeling very sad and with ought to hope. I was depressed because I could not find a job after matric. I could not get admitted to varsity because of my poor performance in English. It felt sad to see my friends who did well on their matric going to varsity while I was left behind.

Gradual acceptance:

Gradual acceptance is to accept the situation the way it is then do something about it. The hatred I developed it did not take me anywhere. Instant I was making life being difficult by myself. This stage is when I realised the true meaning of life.  I went back to school to upgrade English as a first additional language. Finally I have improved. I passed English. Therefore I was admitted at University Of Johannesburg for Electrical Engineering


I am in the moving forward stage. All the struggling I had in my life, it developed the strength I have today. I believe that through hard work, dedication and positive attitude. I will reach my goal. Failing is the way of learning. I am no longer afraid of failing because I make sure I don’t fail twice.


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