Conveyor belts, turntable, roll line


The report is based on the following programmable hardware in the manufacturing lab:
  • Conveyor belts, turntable, roll line
  •  Punching press
  • 3D Robot
  • Conveyor belt with machine tool
  • Storage warehouse

Conveyor belts, turntable, roll line

It is a machine used for product sortation, directional changes. It’s consists of the belt, turntable that can rotate at 900 and a roll line.
A work piece gets conveyed to the discharging place roll line, and gets transported to the conveyor belt passing through extraction drifts are able to work in both directions. Has a sensor switch and speed sensors.

Machine’s functions:
Conveyor belt- moves the work piece from the loading point to the turntable.
Turntable- responsible for transporting a work piece between the conveyor and the roll line
Roll line- rolls out the work piece to another machine so it can processed further.

Real life manufacturing or service industry machinery it represent:
  • Coca cola-bottle filling machine filler It uses the conveyor, turntable roll line to sort and package the drinks.
  • Kellogg’s- production of corn flake The corn is transported on the conveyor and then to the turntable where it is sorted.
  • ASA flights- airport conveyor It is a baggage handling system specifically designed for commercial airline industry.

Punching press

A machine consisting of lifting fork and adjustment material folder. It is used to cut, draw or shape material (metal sheets) with dies under pressure.

Machine’s function:
A metal sheet is transported to the punching press and placed between the top and bottom members if the press. Both members are brought together, whereas pressure is applied to the metal sheet in order to create shapes and cuts on the metal sheet.

Real life manufacturing or service industry machinery it represent:
  •  L’Oreal – uses the cosmetic powder press machine The process of making eye shadow. The machine compress the moist eye shadow into a cake like form.
  • ABSO Steel- uses the hydraulic punch press It is used to bend the steel to produce a product that is desired.
  •  Stainless steel –uses the hydraulic press Used to bend and cut the steel to make silverware.

3D Robot

An automated machine consisting of a camera, laser, gripper and programmers.

Machine’s function:
Is to grip using the gripper mouthed, using it sensors. The 3D robot receive programmable instructions from a programmer. The camera pictures the work piece using the encoder sensors and sends the information to the stereo visions, to the gripper thus the robot receives the command and picks up the work piece and placing it where it has to go.

Real life manufacturing or service industry machinery it represent:
  •  Segway- robots are used for lifting and combing objects by receiving automated command from the operator.
  • BMW- used for painting cars and also for inserting car parts.
  • Dell –used in the manufacturing of the motherboard in the computer.

Conveyor belt with machine tool

A machine having a belt, pulley, drives, toll head and loading sections. Where a work piece is conveyed and gets machined in the toll head.

Machine’s function:
Is to transport a work piece into the range of the machine toll (toll head), after it is done, the work piece gets conveyed away from the machine tool in a forward meaner so that another work piece can be conveyed. Speed sensors are used to reliably detect standstill, over speed and under speed of drives on conveyor and also has 3D sensors.

Real life manufacturing or service industry machinery it represent:
  •  Sappi – the making of paper The conveyor transports wood chips that are feed to the digester.
  • Coca cola- the bottling proces The bottles are transported via the conveyor belt to the filling machine filler.
  • Coal conveyor belt- used to transport coal and separate it from the other resoucers.

Storage warehouse

Is an automated computer controlled system consisting of the storage space, rails and horizontal carrousels.

Machine’s function:
It is used to store and retrieve products from high volume. It’s also a way of saving floor space and time looking for items.

Real life manufacturing or service industry machinery it represent
  1. Vandelande – use it for storing materials
  2. – store customer information and other file
  3. Coca cola -  uses on-site storage, eliminating the expensive double handling task
Lab 2
·         Manufacturing of the mirror
.1      Machines required to produce the mirror are:
·         Conveyor belt
·         Robot
·         Mirror cutting machine
·         Shave bubble machine
·         Curtin coater
·         Washing station
·         Chemical activator
·         Dryer

1.2. Process flow of the production of the mirror

  • transport clear glass
  •  spray glass with water and curium oxide
  •  rinse
  •   transport to the purifying machine
  • spray liquefied tin
  •   spray liquefied silver
  • lay of copper
  •  inspect the mirror for bubbles
  •  cut the mirror
  • tore finished mirror
  • delay the rejected mirror

2. Hardware pieces

·         3D Robot
·         Conveyor belt with machine tool
·         Punching press

2.1 production layout:


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